Monday, 27 April 2009

Team GB use video games to produce medals

From The Times
April 27, 2009
Team GB use video games to produce medals 
Ashling O'Connor, Olympics Correspondent

The surge fist, dragon punch and hurricane kick are not typical taekwondo moves, but the signature exploits of characters in Street Fighter IV may start creeping in as the Great Britain team take inspiration from the computer game. Athletes at the elite training facility in Manchester are playing the latest version to improve their mental agility.

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happyface said...

Was there any tournament on Video Games? Several groups are playing here in my place, are these only available on the said locations?

Melvin said...

This is very interesting, using Video Games to produce medals! Great ^^ another positive effect from video games

Sherryl said...

So this just proved that we were able to learn and enhance keen attention to details from Addicting Games. That sounds great!