Friday, 22 October 2010

Join City and You're Dead

And so the Wayne Rooney circus rumbles on. Once again one of footballs overpaid children shows his overwhelming ego by basically claiming the football club Manchester United isn't good enough for him any more. Of course it remains to be seen whether it is Rooney behind this or his agent. The most disturbing thing about this whole situation is not that one of football's mercenaries deciding to move to another club for more money but by the reaction of some of the fans.  It's one thing to vent your anger by shouting insults and waving banners at a football match, after all that is all part of 'the beautiful game' but it is a completely different thing when a number of sad individuals with nothing else to fill their empty lives but supporting a group of men paid unbelievable amounts of money to play what is just a game, feel the need to go to someone's house ring his door bell and say they are going to kill him if he goes and plays for another football team. These football fanatics are alleged to be from the same gang that have previously threatened players because they didn't agree with their actions or, horrors of horrors, the almighty United actually lost a game. In the end the police were called and the masked men quietly slunk off home, leaving Rooney and his wife in peace.
 Graham Taylor ex manager of the English national side, where Rooney recently displayed lacklustre performances, claimed that if Rooney did decide to play for Manchester City, another of footballs super rich clubs which prefer to pay for the sport's army of mercenaries rather than take the time to develop home grown players and revitalise the national game, then Rooney would need 'protection for the rest of his life'. Isn't that just a little bit ridiculous? The idea that people could be so angry about a change in football clubs that someone who is now 25 would be in fear of his life for the next 50 to 60 years is just is too far fetched to contemplate, does this mean the current crop of football thugs would pass on their irrational desire to kill a man onto the next generation? Or in actuality will it just mean that where ever Rooney ends up playing, when ever that team plays against Manchester United he will just be subjected to some name calling from the crowd?

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