Saturday, 4 April 2009

Wages in Soccer a personal view

The whole of football needs to sort out its wages situation, no other industry in the world can survive with such a high percentage of their outgoings going on pay. If all the teams slashed the pay of players to more realistic levels what would happen? The players strike OK replace them with people who will play for the money offered. I suspect even the most diehard fan would have little sympathy for these overpaid pampered leeches of their hard earned cash. If less money was paid to the players then more money could actually be spent on the clubs and we wouldn't have the pathetic situation of clubs starting the season x number of points behind everyone else as a punishment for getting into financial difficulties. During the 2007/08 season the wages bill of the premiership alone broke the £1 Billion mark, that is 1.48 Trillion Dollars which is higher than the GDP of most countries and that was just 20 clubs. When you have wage bills of this level is it any wonder you end up with players having no connection with the fans anymore, for some the honour of playing for their country just seems to be an extra bonus to the bank balance. I don't know about you but I think the level of pay to people that don't actually produce anything is obscene. When you hear of the big 4 clubs setting unofficial pay limits of £100,000 a WEEK it is beyond a joke. In the NFL they have a wage cap and any team found breaching it can be heavily fined or even lose their franchise, in 2008 the cap was just over £78 million pounds per team and look how many players there are in a NFL team. So next time you hand over your hard earned cash to watch a football match just think how much of that ticket price is caused by the greed of these pampered performers who are there to entertain you, not you being there to pay their wages. If only we could remind some of the players of this then maybe they wouldn't appear to hold the fans in such contempt.

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