Sunday, 18 May 2008

Football is a joke?

Now I know this is going to be unpopular with a few people but football has become a joke. It is no longer a sport it is a business. The players are spoilt overpaid mercenaries with no sense of loyalty to their clubs just to their pay packets. The fans are ripped off in every direction from the cost of the tickets to the cost of their cheap nylon replica shirts which make them sweat almost as much as the poor souls that made them. The amount of money the top clubs create for their owners is amazing. You don't think that all those foreign million or even billionaires are queuing up to buy British clubs because they have long supported the clubs, like the directors of old, no they know a cash cow when they see one. As for the hooligan element well you can't really blame the game, pour enough alcohol down someones throat, deck them out in pretty colours and a uniform outfit and sure enough a sense of tribalism will emerge, leading them to attack anyone they perceive as being in a rival tribe, be it another teams fans or the Police. An extreme result of this can be found in the book Albion Albion by 'Dick Morland' also published under the name Singletons Law by the authors true name Reginald Hill. We have the daft situation that terrestrial channels are having to cover a competition that no domestic sides are in, thereby inflicting matches that most people have no interest in on the majority of the population disrupting regular TV schedules apart from, I guess, the all holy soap operas, but that is another rant i think. Why did the Manchester council feel the need to change the law on drinking on the streets, which was I believe one of the main causes of the recent trouble well that and 150,000 fans decending on the city without tickets, to appease the mighty God of football? It is a game that has become big BIG business, it is not a religion, not a matter of life or death, if it stopped tomorrow the World would not stop spinning.

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